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Downcast eyes
Posted on 2013.06.04 at 13:25
My Feels: discontent
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"I've long forgotten what friends are.."

Green Dress- Come With?
Posted on 2012.12.14 at 12:37
My Feels: flirty
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"Let's be honest... You missed me." SWS

"Let's be honest... You missed me." SSWS

Posted on 2012.10.27 at 21:44
My Feels: indifferent
Shaking her head Sigyn can't help but to laugh as she leans against the wall. "I can't believe I didn't celebrate my birthday. I've never been overly fond of them to start but, to completely skip the day? That's something I'm a little surprised about. It's not too late to celebrate is it?"

Annoyed Glance

SWS Posts [October 2012]

Posted on 2012.10.09 at 16:14
-"I could have forgiven him once.."
-Spinning balls of ice between hands [Oct 16]
-"I 'forgot' to celebrate my birthday.."
-"I come at a bad time?"

MidgardGlasses- Contemplation

In Times of Healing (for w_zimmerman)

Posted on 2012.10.05 at 14:45
Sigyn paced, her eyes on the floor as she moved. Holding a book in one hand she hesitated, lifting the book up so she could read a few lines before once more lowering the book and resuming her pacing. Murmuring a few words to herself she closes her eyes and once more stops her pacing. Sighing loudly she flops down into one of the chairs.

The silence around her and the fact she was isolated and knew next to nothing about Midgard had been driving her insane. If there were such a thing as cabin fever as she had hear? She knew she was coming down with it. While her ankle had healed rather well from her incident with the snare and her meeting with Will, she hadn't had the chance to properly leave the area. There were moments she had stepped outside to enjoy fresh air but that had been in.

Leaning her head back, Sigyn stared at the ceiling, book hanging limply from one hand.

Downcast eyes

Memes [Oct]

Posted on 2012.10.02 at 21:34
-Last Moments Meme [Oct 2]
-Caught in the Rain meme

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Head-canons [Complete List]

Posted on 2012.09.26 at 20:34
Sigyn chooses ThorCollapse )


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Recent update: December 12, 2012

Jotun Wear- Resigned

Couple of Memes

Posted on 2012.09.26 at 11:34
How's my Driving??
Autumn Meme

Posting these seperate from my SWS posts since they are super backtagged as it were and because I'm kind of too lazy to go in and do any more HTML work xD

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And now I must sleep.

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